Why They Make Excellent Trade Show Giveaways
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Why They Make Excellent Trade Show Giveaways

Public trade shows are, in many ways, a marketer’s dream world. Only at a trade show can you find thousands of potential customers whose only desire is to be impressed by your merchandise or service. The only problem is that your company or business must compete with literally dozens of others in the same location. For you to benefit from this untapped market, you have to standout and be memorable. The most obvious way to do this, and the one that is non-negotiable, is to have a truly dynamite presentation that will draw in even your competitors. This goes hand in hand with giving the audience something to remember you by and promotional USB flash drives are the key.
These days, people are looking for technology is that is newer and better than what they had before. Catalogs, CDs and DVDs are wonderful, but they are outdated and lack easy portability. More than that, they don’t really have a cozy feel to them. So, you would never give those away as prizes or signs of good will. People won’t want them. However, people will always accept mini flash drives. The fact is people will always need more storage space for school, work or just for entertainment. Giving away custom USB drives is the same as giving people a piece of the future and, believe me, they will be accepted with graciousness.
Unlike CDs, DVDs or catalogs, promotional USB drives do not need to have any data present on them to be effective. CDs and DVDs are only useful if someone actually keeps them and, more importantly, accesses the information located on them. If someone were to decide that they were not worth browsing through, then they are junk to be thrown away. On the other hand, no one throws away branded flash drives unless they are defective. That’s the magic of custom USB flash drives. By virtue of using them, customers have to see your company logo and be reminded of the service or product that you offer.
Bulk USB flash drives are probably the strongest marketing tools available at trade shows, even stronger than the presentation. Yes, the presentation sticks with people in their heads, but the USB flash drives sticks with them in their pockets, months or even years after the presentation has ended. If you want to see some of the many options of promotional memory sticks available, log on to www.usbsmg.com.

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