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USB SMG is the leading manufacturer of personalized & custom USB drives. We design custom flash drives for companies, seeking creative ways to find new customers. Our personalized USB flash drives can be used for both business and personal work. Imagine your customers using your flash stick with your company logo on it.

If you are looking for unique and customized flash drives, you will find our customer service, product quality and pricing are second to none. Explore our extensive product catalog to find the perfect USB flash drive for your needs. You can customize your flash drives further with your brand name, logo, graphic and text, or select from our packaging and accessories to complete your USB marketing kit. Incase you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, our cutting-edge creative team will help you design and develop whatever you can dream up.

Here at USB SMG, we’re really enthusiastic about creativity and imagination. We produce 100% personalized products that will get people talking about your business! We offer the very best pricing and quality products, along with a friendly and professional service.

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