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Rush Service | Custom Flash Drive

Rush Services Are Now Available for selected Custom Flash Drive s

With rush service – the key is communication!

Let us know what you need and how fast – it may not fall into this category! Please contact your USBsmg sales representative personally by calling 877-255-7255 if you need your USBsmg products fast.

Please inquire with your sales associate about exact order shipping dates and lead times. Although we will gladly customize any aspect of your order, the more customized your order is the more likely it will extend lead times and delivery. While we do not wish to discourage further customization, the following are examples of factors which take considerable time and may not be available for rush orders:

  • If an order includes Pre-load and Auto-run content, that content needs to be installed onto each drive and individually tested.
  • Complex logos with multiple colors and/or gradients, take longer to setup and longer to print.
  • Logo’s without vector art will require editing in some cases and this too will add to lead time for delivery.
  • Creating custom colors regardless of achieving minimum order requirements’ will add to production time and may not make your rush order feasible.

Call for details and discuss how USBsmg can put great Custom Flash Drive s in your hands in a flash.