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Buyer Beware; Bad factories selling “Bad” chips in China! For your Bulk Thumb Drives
Buyer Beware of what you need to know about USB flash memory, the basics.
The current market for USB flash memory is volatile to say the least. Prices change daily like the stock market and more and more unethical companies are getting into the business.

What most consumers do not know, is that there are several grades of flash memory being delivered in the USB flash drives. USBsmg uses only the highest grade chip and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty to back it up!

There are chips being sold on the market with what is known as capacity masking software. You, the consumer will get your flash drive that is supposed to be a 512mb or 1GB and it will really only have the capacity to hold 64mb or 128mb.There are also cases of old, or recycled chips being used in new flash drives, of course not giving you the quality and reliability you expect.

Many of our clients tell us that they had previously used a company because the prices being offered were unbeatable, Buyer Beware! Well, like anything else, if the price is so unbeatable, there has to be a reason right!?

USBsmg stands by our product and offers only the best of what is available on the market in terms of memory quality.